Term & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions are defined for the two parties. One is the owner of the website or blog, and the other is you or any user that comes for collecting information from us. These terms and conditions are the rules and regulations that we ensure to follow and allow our users to agree with them. These are the general points which one needs to follow for blogxley.com, and its use for purchasing products or hiring any services. 
User Content
We do not use any of the information that you submit to us while using it. This information includes your country, city of residence, email, and other specifications. We do not own any of the data and information, but the sole responsibility that replies to us is to ensure that you are the only person who can use it. The integrity of that information, accuracy of data, its rights, and everything is saved for you.
To ensure complete and accurate backups, we try to do this every day. In case there is any loss of hardware system or memory, we make sure that we get back the information and data for you so that the impacts and losses can be minimized. 
Link to Other Websites
While we offer any link to other websites, we do not mean that we own or sponsor these websites. It is up to you if you want to click and reach that website or just ignore it. There is no blame on us at the end of the day.
Property Rights
The property rights for the information we share through our blog belong to us only. We do not allow anyone to use that information without giving credit to our blog, or maybe misuse it. In that case, a copyright strike will be sent with no second thought.