Canon t6 vs t7

A detailed comparison of canon T6 vs T7 will be presented in this article. You will come to know about every feature and specification of these two-entry level DSLR cameras. T6 entered the market in 206, while T7 was introduced two years later in 2018. Being a new user who wants to learn about these two, and to decide which one to buy, this comparison will be of great help to you. As both of then have two years gap between their launch, therefore, it is believed that they must have differences. We will see what differences this gap of introduction was able to bring about.
Let us now go into the brief detail of Canon T6 vs T7. We are sure that this review will serve as your buying guideline, and will help you make the right decision about which one to buy.

Size and Weight:
When we make a comparison Canon T6 vs T7, Size and weight are very crucial when you are looking for the right camera that you can use for professional purposes. As far as the height, weight, and thickness of both canon DSLE T6 and T7 cameras are concerned, they are all same in both of them. The length is 101mm, width is 129mm, while thickness is 78mm. When it comes to the weight of both cameras, we come to know that this is where they differ from each other. The estimated difference between these two is 10g. T7 is 10g lighter compared to T6, but according to the experts, this weight difference does not make the utility of T7 any less than T6.
Not just the overall weight and size of T6 and T7 are important, but we have to consider the lenses separately. T6 and T7, both have the same lenses with APS-C sized sensors installed in them. So, it is quite obvious that the weight would of these lenses be the same for both of them.

Weather Sealing:
As much as we have compared Canon T6 vs T7, both of them do not have the feature of weather sealing. It is a very important feature that helps you learn about the right temperature conditions and humidity in which you can safely use your DSLR camera. However, in the case of these two, you have to be careful yourself. While shooting put doors, make sure that you are not taking out a camera for a long time in one go. You can do the task with small intervals of time.
In case, weather sealing is a must-have specification or feature, then we would recommend you not to buy any of these. You can try other versions with advanced features like this one. However, if you are a beginner, then do not worry about this to stop you from buying it.

In every DSLR camera, one feature that decides about the quality of pictures is the sensors within its system. A simple concept about sensors is that when the sensor in your camera is large, its pixels will be large too, and they will be able to focus more even in dim or low light. Along with this, the color depth and dynamics will be better controlled through it rather than the one with a small sensor and small pixels in the images taken through it. In the case of T6 and T7, the native aspect ratio is 3:2, the crop factor is 1.6 with sensor APS-C.
Even though they have the same sensor, but the T7 has 24 MP while T6 has 17 MP resolution. T7 has more flexibility, better output, and a sensitivity range of 100 to 6400. However, for T6, these features are opposite with a sensitivity rage o 100 to 12800.

As there are so many applications for imaging within DSL Canon T6 and T7 cameras, the connection of cameras with the environment would be a crucial aspect. The decision process of the camera will take this aspect very seriously. As much as connectivity is concerned, the input-output comparison of both cameras needs to be done. For Canon T6, and Canon T7, the Hotshoe port, NFC support, and Wi-Fi-support are present with mono internal microphone, mono internal speaker, mini HDMI port, and USB port. However, there is no Bluetooth support and no headphone or microphone port at all. This means that both of them are again similar in terms of their connectivity.
Now, when you go for buying any of these, you will come to know that only T7 will be available for sale in pin-pack form, while T6 can be bought only through online stores like eBay. These will be the pre-owned and used ones. We can say that in the Canon, T7 must have replaced the T6 after two years. If you are the one who considers connectivity the most, you will surely buy T7.

Arguments in Favour of T6:
The only argument in favor of T6 is that it can be found at a discounted price because this version is older than T7. Being launched in March 2016, it is heavily discounted compared to T7 which was launched in 2018.

Arguments in Favour of T7:
The megapixels of T7 is more, its linear resolution is 16 percent better, and it is more recently launched. So, the recommendation is to buy the T7 version rather than T6.

We are sure that the above section must have enough information to give you an idea about every feature of T6 and T7 Canon DSLR cameras. No just the announcement date, but the sensors, mount screen, viewfinder, resolution, weight, color depth, pixel area, dynamic range, and many other things are different between these two. The suggestion is if you think that you can handle T7, then you may buy it. Or if you are skeptical, then go for the easier one, which is T6. After you learn about T6, you can shift to T7 or even a better version with much better specifications.


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