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Best Screen Protectors For iPhone 11 is a prime concern for many of its users these days. Well, the concern is justified for the device that costs between $800-1300$, which is undoubtedly pretty expensive. Thus, the individuals who cannot afford to regret around a gadget that costs $1000 or more are always concerned about protecting their screens from accidental or screen shattering falls. Luckily, you are at the right place if you are the one who cannot take chances with their expensive devices. Here you will find the best Screen Protectors for iPhone 11, which are worth reading for ones concerned about keeping their gadgets in pristine conditions. Experience it yourself by giving the blog a brief overview.

Mkeke Protector

Primarily, this product is designed for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR users. The screen protector vows to protect your 6.1” large iPhone XR display. Further, Mkeke has manufactured the product compatible with the rounded design of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. To make this possible, tempered glass is designed in such a way that it may not cover the whole screen. What is likely to fascinate the customer most is the high-definition transparent hydrophobic and oleo-phobic screen covering, shielding against damp and oily fingers. Furthermore, it is very simple to install as it comes with a guide to aid application procedure. Don’t be late acquiring your screen protector with certified adhesion, proven durability, and much more at a reasonable price.

Tethys Glass Protector

This product, by Tethys, has been specifically designed for the users of iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, and iPhone X. However, it is not recommended to use this protection with raised batteries. What makes this product different from others is the edge-edge protection of your device against major and minor falls, damages, and scratches. The dimension of the protective cover is 5.4 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches with just 0.6 ounces of the surprisingly lightweight. Plus, its ultra-clear screen allows access from all buttons and other in-built face-recognition and finger sensors. To facilitate the customer to the maximum extent, Tethys has added user guide and wet/dry wipes to make sure that you install the protective equipment easily and in the right manner. Fortunately, you can have these amazing 3X screen protectors in just $14.95 with a lifetime warranty. So, you don’t need to take any chance for the protection of your iPhone screen anymore.

Purity Protector 

Purity manufacturers are now offering an exciting pack of 3 screen protectors with a complimentary installation frame at an unprecedented price. The screen protector is best compatible with the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR with a display screen of 6.1 inches. The equipment promises for the ultimate protection of your screen. In addition to this, Purity also features its masterpiece by providing transparent oleo-phobic and hydrophobic protective screen coating which is likely to provide utmost shielding to the iPhone screen against wet touches. Now you don’t need to keep your gadget in a vulnerable condition. Hurry up!! Grab your Purity screen protector before the stock runs out.

Amfilm Protector

This product by amFilm is particularly designed for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR (6.1 inches), keeping in view the concerns of sensitivity when using protective screens. The glass thickness is barely 0.33 mm to ensure maximum sensitivity and protection. However, the protective cover does not shield the screen areas near the curved edges. What you will get in addition to the pack of 3X amFilm glass protectors is installation tray and dust removal stickers for its use over a long period. The product is worth buying at such a reasonable price. Better experience it yourself.
 Power Theory Protector

 This is probably to be the best choice if your priority is to keep your iPhone is in pristine condition. Product is specifically designed for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR users with a promise to keep your phone safe from dirt, scratches, and much more. Kit available with the product eases installation and emancipates your screen from bubbles. Moreover, it is coming with 2X glass protectors, 1X tray, and 2 X wipes and many more value additions. Power Theory has faith in giving its clients unmatched quality iPhone protection at a reasonable cost, alongside exceptional client service. That is the reason we undertake all of our products with a Lifetime Guarantee.

 Jetech Screen Protector

If you don’t want your iPhone resale value to drop, the screen protector offered by JETech shall be the choice you make. They are presenting this product to their valued customers with a promise of unmatched quality, durability, and resistance to the protection equipment. This item by JETech is especially intended for iPhone 11 and iPhone XR (6.1 inches), to address the issue of sensitivity when using protective screens. The glass thickness is scarcely 0.33 mm to guarantee maximum touch-screen compatibility. However, the defensive spread doesn’t shield the screen zones close to the edges. Installation was never as easy as in the case of this protective screen with a cleaning cloth and dust removal stick enclosed in the product package.


Ailun Protector

This product comes with a 0.3 mm thick tempered glass which is accurately cut in a manner to fit your iPhone 11 screen perfectly. However, this glass category may not fit iPhone 11 pro. Ailun glass screen protector promises uttermost screen protection from bumps, scratches, drop damages, and much more for its users. Similarly, in a bid to provide its customers the ultimate safety and enhanced compatibility, the glass designed is ultra-clear with an effective coating to protect against oily and damp contacts. Besides, another distinctive feature added to the product is its glass, polished in an extremely delicate manner. Last but not the least, installation is no longer an uphill task if you opt for Ailun Grass Screen Protector. So, you are just one step away from the long-lasting protection of your mobile screen. 


Ferilinso Protector

Ferilinso has designed this screen protector to provide unprecedented and exceptional safety for its customers using the iPhone 11 (6.1”). In addition to 3 pcs of the screen protector, it also includes 3pcs of camera lens protector, which is an unmatched value addition to the product value. Moreover, Ferilinso believes that this product is offered at much lower prices compared to other sellers in the market with no compromise to protecting screen and camera lens from damages. Additionally, the quality of the glass has been improved with nano-electrostatic automatic adsorption technology, making it less vulnerable to bubbles. Similar technology also ensures no residues in the glass removal phase.


In brief, the protection of expensive gadgets is of sheer significance for many users. Thus, sooner or later, they need to opt for the screen protectors of one or another brand. In this case, we shall not suggest taking any decision in haste. Therefore, major brands offering protective equipment has been mentioned comprehensively in this blog. If you want to save money and time, this piece of writing may be of great help. Besides, if you want to make a comparison between different brands in correspondence to the product features they are offering, all you need to give this blog a quick read. Hopefully, all your concerns will be addressed, helping you to make a decision best in your interest.

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