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It’s a good habit if you don’t use a cell phone while driving but in case if you have to use a cell phone urgently then you can opt for a cell phone car mount to make your journey safe and sound. Best Cell Phone Mounts for Cars allow you to mount your cell phone near to make hand-free calls, playing music via Bluetooth stereo system, or usage of your phone as a GPS Device. But with so many cell phone car mounts it is much difficult to find the righteous one who could not only give you comfort while driving but also make your journey safe and comfy in any way.

Well, we have researched the number of Best Cell Phone Mounts for Cars. In order to find out the best one option, you will need to read out the complete review and features of each cell phone car mount. After reading out the complete article, you will be sure to choose the most feasible product for you in a very short period of time. Moreover, the complete article would be consist of some various factors that you must know before opted any version of cell phone car mounts.

How many types of car mounts?

There are two types of cell phone car mounts: a mount that can be connected to the top of the air conditioner or vent and the rest one that can be attached on your car’s dashboard or windshield. Other than that, if you have used a high-quality air conditioner vent in your car then luckily you can get a number of options out there. But just make sure they should not be a circular shaped vent.
Moreover, dashboard and windshield mounts also work well along with great features and versatility. Some can be connected via a suction base while others can be adhesive. But it’s great if you prefer suction base mounts than adhesive. Because they don’t cause any breakdown or damage for many years to come.


Wireless Charging Mounts:

Luckily, cell phone car mounts also come in the wireless charging version too which means you can freely charge your phone without any hassle of cables. One more special thing about these wireless charging mounts is that they automatically shut off when your smartphone is fully charged.

Considering the Size of Car Mounts is necessary while buying?

Yes, You must consider the size of the cell phone car mount while buying is that it is fully fitted to your phone or not? Once you find a fully fitted size as per the size of your phone then you may consider it easily from any local markets or online stores.

1.Aukey Cell Phone Car Mount 360:

The Aukey Cell phone Car mount is supposed to be the most cheapest and feasible car mount among all. With its refined and definite shape, it doesn’t look so cheap but it is. It is made in a metallic structure that can’t be messed up till many years to come. It can easily be fixed with your window or the dashboard of your car. Moreover, it also consists of unique adjustable arms that can move or rotates 360 degrees vertically and horizontally.


2.Beam Electronics Universal Cell Phone Car Mount:

Beam electronics mount is designed to hold any type of device whose size is up to 1.9 to 3.7 inches wide. It also features quick-release button technology which means you can easily insert and remove your phone without any hassle. For adjusting your phone you simply press the button on the back to open all sides of the mount. Beam electronics mount is made with high-quality materials to withstand everyday use. Moreover, this mount works well whether you have to move it in a horizontal or a vertical angle as per your need.

3.Belkin Premium Vent Cell phone Car Mount:

This is another useful version of a cell phone car mount that also comes with unique and versatile features. Belkin premium vent mount sticks on the air conditioning vent and requires less time to navigate or install. The mount has a quality to rotate 180 degrees if you need to make it a landscape to portrait while using GPS. This premium vent phone mount is the best option for those who love to watch anything on a huge screen. Just keep in mind it has a 5.5 inches display that is considered a fairly huge.

4.Kenu Airframe Wireless Fast Qi Charging Cell Phone Car Mount:

Kenu airframe cell phone car mount features Qi wireless fast charging up to 10 W and can be easy to adjust with air conditioning vents. Moreover, it also provides foreign object detection and automatically turns off features that secure your phone in hot conditions. Furthermore, it also has a four-foot USB cable along with a DC charger as well as an extra USB port that has an ability to charge two or more phones at the same time.

5.Logitech Zerotouch Cell Phone Car Mount:

How about a mount that has the ability to hold your phone in a great manner? This sleek and versatile cell phone mount can be considered as special like others but it has the capability to make your hands free. It allows you to keep your phone under control via voice control and even playing songs with Alexa who is always here to play songs as per your choice.


Final Verdict:

If you are seeking for a top-notch cell phone car mount that requires lowest price possible but still gives a better performance while using then you can pick up any one of them that has been discussed above. These all are Best Cell Phone Mounts For Cars and easy to install in any size of dashboard or windshield.

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